Life 085: Handling Personal Crisis during Global Crisis

LIFE 085: Handling Personal Crisis within Global Crisis

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Recently, a dear friend endured a traumatic local crisis in the midst of the global crisis we’re all experiencing. It’s tough not to feel overwhelmed and defeated, as though it’s all just too much.

This show was recorded for her and for anyone who’s faced with a double whammy or even a single one. Listen and learn to put the earth beneath your feet again and help yourself through the toughest moments.

There IS life on the other side of the darkest of times. This episode will help you get there.

Life 085: Handling Personal Crisis during Global Crisis

Time Markers

– Break glass in case of emergency (1:47)

– The curve (4:28)

– The shattered moment and beyond (7:00)

– The key to cycling well (9:05)

– Dip your attention low (14:10)

– Allow thoughts to flow (17:48)

– Using the heart filter (24:00)

– Hold onto this: (30:08)


All things change, including feelings.

You have the power to help yourself through any crisis.


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