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LIFE Podcast 56: Making Peace with Your Inner-critic

The empowering truth about your inner-critic. Listen on iTunes. Listen on Stitcher. Stream by clicking here. Download an MP3 of the show by right-clicking here and choosing “save as”.     Description: If you talked to others the way you talk to yourself,...

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LIFE Podcast 54: Mother-in-laws

Is your relationship with your mother-in-law a dream? Or is it non stop drama? Listen:   Listen on iTunes.Listen on Stitcher. Stream by clicking here. Download an MP3 of the show by right-clicking here and choosing “save as”.           ...

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LIFE Podcast 53: The Six Phases of Making Change

Change is challenging. Sometimes people procrastinate until change isn't possible anymore, or making it is more difficult than it would have been had we heeded our inner knowing. Learn how to move through these six phases of changing your life. Watch yourself soar....

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LIFE Podcast 52: What Self-Love Really Looks Like

Everyone is talking about self-love, but what is it? Is it indulging your desires? Withdrawing from uncomfortable situations? Standing up for what you believe in? Or is it just making yourself feel pretty? In this episode, Cynthia will give you her top ten self-love...

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LIFE Podcast 51: You Become What You Believe

Do you allow negative thoughts and emotions to control your life? Limiting beliefs create insecurities, doubt, and fear within. Since childhood, they've been taught to us and repeatedly reinforced. Fortunately, you have the power to change what you believe, and you're...

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LIFE Podcast 50: Are you worthy of what you want?

Do you feel strong and confident in your ability to achieve your desires? Or do you feel self-doubt, fear, or insecurity? Self-worth is a measure of your confidence in yourself and how you regard yourself. Everyone struggles with lackluster self-esteem at some time....

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LIFE Podcast 49: Starting Over Again

Everyone has to start over at some time in life. It's vital and healthy. In this show, Cynthia shares 7 tips to make your fresh start enjoyable and successful. Learn how to set boundaries, make peace with discomfort, and implement strategies that keep you motivated...

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LIFE Article: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Can you relate to this? You want to pursue something meaningful, but you never seem to have enough time. Months and years have passed and your desire has turned into a dream relegated to the realms of someday. You're starting to feel a subtle sense of failure and...

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