Cynthia Occelli

Cynthia Occelli

It’s lovely to meet you!

I’m not a fan of lofty bios, where I list my achievements and accolades to establish a bond with you. It would tell you nothing about my heart, intentions, or core values.

What I want you to know:

I’m fascinated by your dreams and your fears. I want to know what makes your heart sing. I love seeing you discover the treasures within and helping you harness them to improve your life, your community, and even the world. My superpower is deep connection, empathy, and a knack for guiding you to clear the blockages in your life. 

I believe that you are the most powerful person in your life. Authentic success can only be defined by you, and it’s intertwined with your life’s purpose. It’s calling to you.

I love people who tell their truth, even when I disagree. People who know that mistakes and failures are milestones on the path to greatness light up my heart, and I wither around gossip and doomsayers. Tell me what you yearn for, and you’ll captivate me. I’ve soared to tremendous heights and suffered soul-ripping tragedies. Hope, love, wonder, and tenacity still win. I’ve learned that we are far more alike than different, and we all want the same primary thing: to live in the bliss we’ve glimpsed in inspired moments. I know you can.

I help women put their lives together, own their power, and create whatever they desire most. I am privileged to be an architect of dreams.


President Clinton Celebrated My Success

Cynthia Occelli Bill ClintonPresident Clinton highlighted my story as an American Success at the 2016 DNC.

My Martial Art

I have a blackbelt in shopping.

I Embrace Feminine Power

I wrote Resurrecting Venus, published by Hay House/AMI.

Many Hats Many Perspectives

I am or have been an entrepreneur, a real estate broker, insurance broker, interior designer, business consultant, actress, radio host, author, teacher, public speaker, and personal mentor.

Legally Speaking

I have a law degree, but I don’t practice law.

My Mantra

I am the most powerful person in my life (you’re the most powerful person in your life, too).

I've worked with

Single-moms, CEO’s, therapists, celebrities, dancers, accountants, athletes, entrepreneurs, divorcees, widows, businesswomen, actors, architects, yogis, and one acrobat.

Animal Lover

I have a red Border Collie and a yellow Goldendoodle.

Do you see stars?

I have a Taurus Sun, a Gemini Moon, and a Pisces North Node.

How I Work

I use a combination of spirit, logic, and intuition in my courses and coaching. I also encourage you to check out Internal Family Structures.

The Secret to My Success

I believe in unlimited possibility.

Greatest Lesson

You must know how to recognize toxic people, narcissists, doomsayers, and dream-stealers to excise them.

If you’re a PR person and you need my pedigree, here’s the party line:

Cynthia Occelli is an accomplished author (Resurrecting Venus, Hay House/AMI), mentor, life coach, entrepreneur and host of the ‘Rewritten’ podcast. A former 9th-grade dropout and welfare mom, Cynthia turned her life around, graduated from law school, built her dream business and home, and successfully raised two conscientious children.

Hailed as an American success story, Cynthia was honored by Bill Clinton at the 2016 DNC. Her story and work have been featured by Toyota SheROX, Yoga Digest, Ashcroft Capital, Hay House, Unity Online Radio, The Huffington Post, and

Cynthia leads a community of 60k+ women. She sits on the Board of Directors of Moja Tu, an organization that provides education to children in developing countries, and she is a member of Visionary Women.

She’s currently writing a memoir series sharing her experience growing up in a racist home and community, falling in with the wrong crowd, soaring to extraordinary heights, losing her husband and mother, being sucked into toxic relationships, and rising anew.

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