21-Day Fast from
Self-judgment & Criticism

Could you spare three weeks–just 21 days–to learn to refrain from self-judgment and criticism? Take the challenge.

You’re all set!


"Cynthia Occelli is a godsend. She is so on target with every single bit of advice she gives. She is absolutely incredible. If I have an issue, Cynthia ALWAYS has the answer to help work through the issue. She has improved my life tremendously. I've only worked (one-on-one) with her for less than a year. I love Cynthia!"--Donna C.

“I love all the valuable information and materials, the LIFEcode feedback tracking, heartwork books, guided meditations and downloads. They've kept me on track and helped me change my life. I'm finally able to follow through on my goals. I also continue to rely the support of the secret Facebook group!”—Brenda L.

“I have officially finished college with 2 Degrees and I just landed my first job. This all happened because of the work I did with Cynthia and the Beautiful Life School. I am so grateful for everything. I truly appreciate all of your love and support.” –Jackie H.

"Cynthia Occelli's work is a stepping stone in the spiritual transformation that is taking over the world. I felt the power of her books, her meditations, and radio show transform every cell in my body and every aspect of my life. Learn how to reconnect with your inner goddess, while fearlessly following your heart. Whether you forgot how to dream or you want to start living it, this program is the answer." --Loredana G.

"I like the fact that Cynthia came from a place of experience, she walks her talk and succeeds at it before she teaches it."--Lisa C.

"Cynthia's wholehearted approach to unapologetically share the depths of her soul is a powerful catalyst for inspiring change in others. I direct people to her work all the time, she is the real deal."—Sabrina F.

“I loved that Cynthia took risks and discussed subjects even if they were uncomfortable to some (not me) that needed to be expressed honestly in order for us to grow as the powerful women we are.”--Melanie B.

"The sacred space Cynthia has created is extraordinary. What started out as strangers in a community evolved into a close sisterhood. We share our fears, strengths, our deepest desires and find strength in each other. I can always count on this group of amazing women for support, understanding, and love. I am truly grateful to be a part of this sisterhood." Jennifer S.

“It was amazing and totally changed my life! I'm living for myself now. No more people pleasing and no feeling guilty about having financial success.”--Cindy A.

“Cynthia has an amazing ability to create a loving sisterhood and she taught me so much about self-worth as a requirement to attracting lasting love with a good man.”--Jennifer H.

“This course opened up so much space in my life for healing, introspection, and success in relationships and business.”--Laila M.

“Cynthia came into my life at the perfect time to get me on the path I was put here for! This is all a real dream come true. For 20 yrs, I wanted to be a teacher and now I am. Such a blessing I so appreciate everything you did to get me to believe it was possible for me!” --Shannon J.

"In a world filled with "quick fixes and secrets to success," it is difficult to discern "fad," and "true wisdom." Joining masters like Debbie Ford and Louise Hay, Cynthia has emerged. I have found, in Cynthia, a more balanced approach of loving support than I have experienced elsewhere. Cynthia's support of her followers is truly indicative of someone who walks their talk. Making a living is different from making a life. Cynthia's teachings and support are a winning formula to make a rich and desired life."—Jenifer W.

“I love Cynthia’s boldness and truth and transparency. She is a force of nature.”--Juliette C.

“I wish every woman had access to this program. There's nothing else like it anywhere. Love it!”—Karen P.

“Loved the topics covered. The solutions were right on target. It changed my self-image and outlook so much so that I got up the courage to ask for a raise and got it. It paid for itself immediately.” Laurie K.

“Cynthia Occelli is caring, sincere, unbelievably bright, authentic, and an incredibly powerful motivator. Her wisdom far outreaches her years, and quite frankly any I’ve ever come across. She has the uncanny ability to cut right through all the confusion and excuses (in a caring and supportive way), get to the crux of what is holding you back, and suggest tools that work! She is an extremely gifted teacher.” –Julie Anne R.

“Starting over after my divorce was hard for me. I didn't know what to do with my life. I'd sort of gotten lost along the way. Cynthia's direct and no-nonsense approach along with her compassion helped me to stop living in the past. I've found my life and myself. BLS helped make me whole and happy again.” –Maya L.

"Reconnecting with the Goddess of femininity (your truest essence) is the surest way to harmony, bliss, confidence and creative power. Whether you're looking to enhance your sacred work, your love relationships, or your sister circle, Cynthia's writings, programs and guidance never disappoint! If you've ever felt a "burden" in being a woman you'll find her graceful and soothing meditations to be powerfully refreshing. Join the sisterhood and celebrate your birthrights."—Nwasha E.

"One of Cynthia Occelli's inherent gifts to the world is empowering women to become the greatest expression of themselves. She has the knowledge and the resources to bring truth and perspective into your life. In other words, she can help you become the greatest expression of yourself. Follow her example and you're in for beautiful life.—Deana K.

"There is nothing in the world like the Beautiful Life School and no teacher has overcome what Cynthia has in such a powerfully graceful way. She embodies all she teaches and gives her all to every woman in the school. She is a blessing and changed my life. I love her."—Raina

"Cynthia's courses and materials offer an unparalleled mix of inspiration, practical how-to, and real-world experience. She has a gift for separating what really matters to you from what the world teaches. Since taking her course, I've developed the confidence and courage to go after what I really want. I've never felt this free, powerful, or beautiful. As Cynthia says, these things have always been there. I thank Cynthia for showing me the way to my life's purpose and dreams. Every woman should take this course!"—Cindy S.

 “I value the total sense of love and commitment that Cynthia emanates. Her willingness to be vulnerable with us made it so easy to open up and truly hear her message. I also love that she created an online community and she actively participates in it.”--Lena R.

Holidays, Relationships, and Reality

  The last time I wrote about ending harmful family relationships, I received a lot of negative mail from people who felt that one should stay close to family members no matter how abusive, violent, depleting, or toxic they are. Four years—and a ton of conversations...

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Where does it hurt?

An angel disguised as a childcare center worker taught me how to meditate when I was five-years-old. She gave me access to an invulnerable source of power and a place of refuge that has sustained me through the darkest times.  She also taught me to get quiet and ask...

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The Scariest Thing in the World

What scares you? Is it losing everything? Falling ill? Being judged? Public speaking? Losing a loved one? All of these events can be difficult, challenging, and terrifying, but to me, there's something even scarier. If today was the end of your earth time, would you...

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What turning the other cheek really means.

As a child, I was taught that when someone affronts you, you should turn your other cheek to them. The implication was that you should not react, not respond, be faithful and forgiving and let them strike your other cheek. As I've walked the journey of my...

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Get free of the past and your limitations

  Let Go Who do you think you are? Do you think you are your past, your work, your achievements, or the things people have told you that you are? Are you your gender, your name, your address? No. You are so much more, but it's nearly impossible to discover...

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21 Day Fast

Could you spare 3 weeks--just 21 days--to refrain
from negative self-judgment and criticism?

Take the challenge:

Thank you!

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