It is not how much you do,

but how much love you

put into the doing that matters.

–Mother Teresa


The purpose of your life is to express your gifts and talents in a way that improves the lives of others and fulfills you.  It is to be love in action.

People often balk at the idea that we are here to spend our lives serving others.  They believe that for service to count, there must be some element of sacrifice, imposition, or discomfort.  They don’t understand that we’re born to give.

What we seek is seeking us and our fulfillment can serve the world.

Real service is given in joy.  The only way to joyously give for a lifetime is to express the things that bring you joy.  Everything can be used in service.

Gardeners, artists, doctors, business people, homemakers, athletes, chefs, pet groomers. All vocations, when aligned with purpose and love, serve the world.  Gifts and talents vary widely, and so it must be, needs vary widely too.

You’re aligned with your life’s purpose when your actions resonate with you and at the same time bless the world.

Are you living on purpose?


November 15, 2010

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