The Universal Mother

The Universal Mother is the feminine aspect of God. She is represented as Isis, Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Mary, the Goddess Venus and many more. She is the bearer of life, the source of beauty, compassion, nature, and nurture. The essence of the universal mother is available to all women regardless of whether they bear children.

Women who choose to listen to their hearts’ knowing become receptive conduits of the Universal Mother’s wisdom; it is always seeking expression. Grounded in this insurmountable feminine strength, we empathize, uplift, connect, and communicate in unifying ways.

Through our centered coolness, understanding, and tact, we temper masculinity’s liquid-hot desire to conquer, build, and achieve. We see the far-reaching consequences of our daily choices and use the powers of compassion, persuasion, perseverance, and determination to foresee and prevent future harms.

We, the Universal Motherhood, stand as guardians of nature, children, the elderly, and all who suffer. Mother to mother, we know there is a better solution to conflict than the giving of our children’s lives.

We see our planet brimming with an abundance of food and know that no child need ever go hungry.

Our feminine hearts wordlessly inform us of another’s turmoil, suffering, and pain; we know how to heal them.

We have the power to unite the world with our innate ability to protect, relate, comfort, and encourage.

This is our sacred charge and we are supremely equipped to fulfill it.

As we celebrate our mothers today let us reinforce our collective power and share it with each other and the world.

Happy Mother’s Day.

~ Cynthia

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