Everything that appears in our outer world is filtered through the lenses of our understanding, beliefs, habits, wounds and teachings. We assign subjective meaning to each event and then it becomes true for us.

In much of our lives we use our meaning assigning mechanism to assign harmful meanings to every day events. For example:

A person overlooks you and you decide it means they don’t like you.

You didn’t get the job and you decide you aren’t good enough.

She doesn’t want to date you and you decide it means you’re undesirable.

Your business failed and you decide it means you’ll never succeed.

The key words are: “and you decide”–YOU DECIDE.

Decide you don’t know why anyone does what they do. Decide that trials come to bring out the best in you and to make you strong enough to support something better. Decide that you are a wonderful person, full of gifts, and others are bettered by your presence.

What you decide becomes true for you and life will reinforce it.
Decide wisely.



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