There are crowds of people imprisoned within the walls of unhealthy competition, criticism, self-doubt and insecurity, waiting for some illustrious person, authority, or event to choose them.

For some, a love interest holds the jailhouse key.  For others it’s a career opportunity, title, status, money or accolade. The prisoners believe that being chosen will prove their talent, loveability, or enoughness. They are certain that happiness is on the other side of being picked.

Who or what must select you for you to finally feel good enough, successful, or complete?

No one and nothing.

You’ve already been picked for the most significant honor.

Creation, God, Spirit, or whatever name suits you, chose you for life.

I challenge you to show me a role, title, status or award that supersedes this exaltation.  You cannot.

Dissolve the prison of illusions by releasing the insane notion that someone or something needs to choose you because you have already been chosen.

You must live from that knowing.  Stop waiting and start living.

You are enough and you always have been.

Perish any thought to the contrary.

If you’re ready to dive a little deeper into loving you, check out my episode on Becoming Self-Centered So That You Can Thrive.

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