When you set out to create something you want, do you immediately start thinking of what the process will require, and whether you have those things?

This seems smart, but there’s a much stronger indicator of your likelihood to succeed. It’s how worthy you feel of actually having your dreams.

You become what you believe, not what you think or what you want.–Oprah Winfrey

This quote explains why it’s so important that you believe that you can have what you want in your life. There is nothing more real about your possibilities than your perception of them.

If you don’t yet feel worthy of having your desires, it’s a signal to work on healing your self-esteem, cultivating self-acceptance, and embracing your right to have what you want.

The wonderful news is that you can change and grow all of these qualities. It’s an active and powerful process that brings you in line with who you really are–an inherently worthy being created on purpose by a loving Maker.

As you heal your inner sense of worth and value, once aspirational desires will feel like natural outcomes. Feeling worthy activates energies that transcend the facts of your current situation. It slips through the ethers and trains others in how to treat you. It opens doors without effort.

When you know that you’re ready to become a fuller expression of yourself, to do what you’re worth doing, and to have what you’re worthy of having, obstacles move out of the way.

Begin where you are. You may have a great deal of work to do or a few small adjustments to your thinking to make. It doesn’t matter where you start, just start doing the work to fortify your self-image and sense of worthiness.

To help you heal and grow, I’m giving a live on-screen talk this Saturday at 10 am PST as part of the I AM WORTH IT online event. This event is free to watch live.

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I’ve witnessed tremendous transformation, successes, and positive outcomes from women doing this work. Give yourself this gift.

See you on Saturday!



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