Sarah, my client, has struggled with a challenge that seems to go on and on and on. She’s done all of the work and has taken all of the approaches that people take to shift the situation. She’s clear on her vision. She meditates. She makes daily and consistent action, but somehow the mountain that she wants to move is not moving. Her reaction has gone from I shall persevere to frustration and finally has devolved into discouragement. In these moments, when we do all we consciously know to change an outcome and nothing moves, we must step back and surrender. While surrender may feel or sound like giving up, it isn’t. It’s standing back and making space for guidance, a higher answer, and your true path to emerge. The act of surrender is a gesture to the universe that says, I believe in you and I trust that I am not alone. When it feels like you’ve done everything and nothing is working, wholly and completely turn it over to a power higher than you and let…

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