Whose life is it anyway?


Whose life are you living?

Can you truthfully answer: yours?

Years ago, I asked myself this question followed by the more clarifying query: Is this the life I want to live? It wasn’t.

I was living an amalgamation of other people’s life instructions. It wasn’t thankless. Every time I thought of, or came in contact with those people, I received praise for my conformation. Their stamp of approval gave me a misplaced sense of worthiness.

Yet, when I asked myself whether I was living the life I wanted to live, my inner-praise department fell silent. Years of that silence grew so loud it made me ache.

Life won’t allow us to live off-track indefinitely. Change will come –because it must.

Had I been willing to initiate change myself, I could have avoided the complete implosion of my life. I wasn’t. 

Life first speaks softly in whispers and nudges. When we refuse to listen, it will tear the walls down around us and strip us so bare that we have no choice other than to start over. 

That’s the road I took. I’ve learned a lot since then. Today, I am living my life and it is the life I want to live. When I catch myself stagnating or refusing to face the fear guarding the changes I need, I remember that It’s much easier to embrace truth early.

It’s time to live your life.

~ Cynthia


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