I don’t believe in living life based on predictions; I know that at every moment we possess the power to influence and change the trajectory of our health, finances, relationships and careers, essentially our entire lives. But I am fascinated by the wisdom found in the many forms of energy interpretation.

Recently, I’ve seen the Five of Cups tarot card (pictured above) several times. It showed up on a book cover, a flyer and finally in an email from a friend. I’ve learned to notice when life conspires to get my attention. There’s something on this card that I, or someone I’m connected to, needs to hear.

In this image, a grief-stricken being, suggested by his black cloak and hunched posture, is standing over three toppled cups. Red and green, symbolizing the desires of the heart and fertility, spill from cups. Two intact, upright cups stand out of his sight. A river runs by indicating that, though the man remains still, life continues.

At some time in life, we’ve all been here. We’ve stood fixed, consumed by sadness, loss, perceived failure or regret over something we can do nothing about. Whatever it is, it’s over. We must move on.

We must turn to the full cups and celebrate what we do still have (health, hope, friends, faith, WHATEVER remains). The act of focusing on and appreciating the good that endures tills the soil of our future making it fertile.

We can begin again. We can choose to take only what truly serves us from the past, the lessons learned and wisdom gained. We can take off our mourning cloak and wrap ourselves in life’s forgiveness and support. What appears as an insurmountable upset or failure is a temporary place on the path of life. Don’t linger, move on. Know that every person you admire has done this and the more successful they are the more they’ve had to.

Turn to the full cups.

~ Cynthia

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