As a child, I was taught that when someone affronts you, you should turn your other cheek to them. The implication was that you should not react, not respond, be faithful and forgiving and let them strike your other cheek. As I’ve walked the journey of my life and explored spiritual teachings more deeply, this idea has dissolved.

Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean to offer your unharmed side up for assault. It means to turn your gaze away from the assault and change your focus. And yes, get out of the way of future assaults.

What you focus on grows. Place your focus on your good.

Starve every monster. Energy vampires (and those so intoxicated by their justifications and rationalizations for poor behavior that they’ve gone blind) are beyond your earthly reach. Release them.

Release all grudges, resentments, and disappointments. Lay down your shovel. You thought you were digging another’s grave, but you can only dig your own. Lay it down and go free. 

Reach inside yourself. You are omnipotent here. Every wonderful thing is possible for you. It’s not too late and you aren’t too _______. You are the most powerful person in your life. Accept this truth and act on it.

Turn to your heart’s deepest yearnings. Answer the sacred ache for something more than an unfulfilled existence. Recognize the Divine showing up all around you.


I bid a gracious farewell to all that no longer serves my greatest good. I surrender, turn my cheek, and face the direction of my highest good.



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