The Feminine Art of Shapeshifting


Femininity and weakness are synonymous to many. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some feminine strengths are nearly indefensible. Shapeshifting is one of them.

Shapeshifting is the ability to take whatever form necessary to create a desired outcome. 

Innately, women are masters of this ability.

Mothers often shift between playmate, disciplinarian, nurse, lover, confidant, and peacekeeper, in a single afternoon. 

The most successful businesswomen avoid the backlash of being perceived as bitches and the impression of being push-overs, by assessing a situation and showing up in the form best suited to achieve their goals–strong leader, caring contemporary, decisive manager, etc.

In romance, women with the most passionate, enduring (and yes, healthy) relationships shift between temptress, maiden, whore, virgin, and more.

In sisterhood, we show up as what our friends need most in a given moment: counselor, comforter, cheerleader, reality-checker, etc.

The ways in which we shift our form are limitless. Masculine men, though endowed with their own sublime strengths, can’t hold a candle to us here.

Sometimes women misunderstand or misuse this gift and instead of being a shapeshifter who takes the form required to change a situation, they act like chameleons and let the situation color, define and change them. They sacrifice their wants and needs for others. This isn’t a successful or fulfilling approach.

Assessing a situation and bringing our best attributes and aspects to serve the highest good, for ourselves and others, is extraordinarily rewarding. It creates the love, success, fulfillment, and connection we thrive on.

The shapeshifter wins.

~ Cynthia

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