There’s no cosmic vending machine waiting for you to name and claim your desires.

However, there is a principle as consistent and reliable as gravity. 

To have what you want you must become it in thought and action. You cannot create a love-filled life while you harbor hate or resentment. You will not have real friendship while you gossip and criticize others. Your life will not be beautiful if you focus on ugliness. 

You must embody what you seek.

When it comes to material wealth, money, cars and other finery can be used positively or negatively; they are neutral energies. You cannot harmonize with them.

To increase abundance in your life, change your inner perception about an opportunity, ease of gain, and worthiness. Opportunity is everywhere. Abundance is flowing in and all around you, decide to let it flow unrestricted. Accept this as possible for you and for others. You are worthy of having all your needs met and more, so is everyone else (Watch my Meditation for Prosperity to help you shift your beliefs about wealth and worthiness).

If you withhold good from anyone (meaning you want to get ahead while someone else remains behind) you withhold it from yourself. Any jail you build for another, you will rot in.

If you are a powerful creator it means that you are able to tear down the veils and clear the smoke that sits between you and the boundless good behind all things. The love, abundance, ease, health, and joy of the Infinite is changeless and always here. It is we who’ve been elsewhere. Come home.

~ Cynthia


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