What scares you? Is it losing everything? Falling ill? Being judged? Public speaking? Losing a loved one?

All of these events can be difficult, challenging, and terrifying, but to me, there’s something even scarier.

If today was the end of your earth time, would you be pleased with how you’ve spent your life?

–Did you use all of your gifts and talents?
–Have you reached for your dreams?
–Did you love fiercely?
–Did you get to the things you were going to do someday?

The scariest thing in the world is waiting for change, time, money, or something else before you start living. It’s living as though the clock on your life isn’t running out.

You have less time to live today than you did yesterday. Don’t let this upset you, let it free you.

When you stop waiting for what you think you need and start living with a focus on what’s important to you, life rearranges itself around that focus.

You are a force of causation in your life. Whatever you invest your thoughts, actions, learning, and practice into will grow in your life. You don’t need to wait for an external change. Begin within. Life will follow your dominant intention.

Happy Halloween!



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