The Sacred Ache of the Feminine Heart

The Sacred Ache of the Feminine Heart

Have you ever achieved a goal, something that was supposed to make you feel wonderful once you achieved it, and still felt incomplete? Do you long for something that you can’t even describe? Do you ever find yourself in the midst of “having it all” and feel like something is still missing and whatever it is it makes you ache? This is the sacred ache of a woman’s heart.

Our True Selves

The sacred ache is a calling from our true selves imploring us to let go of what hinders us and live our purpose –to express the gifts we were created to give– instead of what we were taught or programmed to want. Though we may not understand the ache or recognize its source, our true self has always been with us.

Nearly every woman can remember a time in childhood when her essence overcame her. Whether it came through a whispering field of flowers, a glob of paint on the tip of a brush, the breath of a puppy, the feeling of dough in your hands, the wind whipping your hair as you raced down a track, or the moving waters of the sea, somewhere in time, something powerfully moved you. In those ineffable moments, logic gave way to fascination, joy, and revelry. You were connected to your Source, your true self, and unique purpose. It wasn’t a random moment of insignificant pleasure.

Our Purpose

In her perfect wisdom, our Creator endowed us with a natural attraction to our purpose. We are divinely designed to gravitate to it, much the way mothers of all species are irresistibly drawn to their young. We are not crafted with a passion to be a composer, but expected to be an accountant. Our Creator is brilliant, not cruel. You were brought here to deliver the gifts you most adore to this world, in a way that only you can. The most intelligent and loving choice you can make for yourself, and all of creation, is to heed this call. By heeding the call you can ease the sacred ache within your heart.


In another stroke of formidable genius, our Source, formed and infused us women with femininity–a plethora of inherent strengths tailored to support and nurture the expression of our purpose. Once revered in ancient civilizations and now commonly dismissed as weak, outmoded and unnecessary, our essential femininity is a power perfectly designed to nurture the gifts, creations and innate talents of every living thing. It gestates our deepest desires, translating energies into manifested outcomes and ensuring their survival in the physical world. No purpose is given without the means to achieve it.

Heed the sacred ache, embrace it and follow it because it will guide you to your perfect place. The roadmap to the life you were born to live is within you. Free yourself from the world and follow your heart.

~ Cynthia

Are you ready to embrace more of your feminine essence? Listen to Cynthia’s Unity Radio episode Free to Be Feminine.


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