Recently, I was a guest expert for a documentary about women and the issues and the experiences they have around sensuality and femininity. One of the questions in the documentary was when should a woman embrace her sexual, sensual nature. And the question struck me in such a way that it reminded me of how pervasive the idea that someone else knows what’s right for you is in our society. Anyone who attempts to answer a question like that is overstepping his or her personal boundaries. While many people have wonderful insight and advice to offer, there is no one in the world who knows what’s better for you than you. There is no right time for anything for anyone. There is no one with powers greater than yours in your life. There is no one that can give you the perfect answer. But there is your ability to recognize the information that will best serve you and your power to always think for yourself.

One of the greatest troubles women face is the idea that there’s some method or means outside of them that holds the key to their success and satisfaction. Your greatest achievement as a woman is to connect with your inner knowing and let it guide you. So be curious. Be an eager learner. Be open to all of the wisdom, information and advice that exist in the world. Yet check it against your good judgment, good sense, and intuitive center. When something doesn’t resonate with your intuitive center, you don’t need to attack it, just release it. It’s not for you.

There is no guru out there. The guru that has every answer for you exists within. Turn within and strengthen this relationship.

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