The word femininity has taken a bad rap. Many associate it with weakness, the same people tend to associate masculinity with harmful aggression. What they are really describing is the world’s ego running unchecked. Femininity is a powerfully beneficial strength (so is masculinity).

The questions I receive most from women eager to soothe their heart’s sacred ache are: What does it mean to be powerfully feminine? What does it look like? and How can I connect to my femininity?

Venus resurrected, the fully expressed feminine woman, is a magnificent creature. She is a shape-shifter adept at identifying and embodying the aspects of her being best suited to attaining desired outcomes. Queen, confidant, seductress, mother, mystic, lover, child and conqueror are a few of the forms she takes. As mystical as she is practical, she is not to be confused with a chameleon, a creature who takes on its environment; she changes it. Hers is the insurmountable power of femininity –a plethora of strengths and abilities that support her in delivering peace, creativity, wisdom, guidance, healing, beauty, compassion and abundance to herself and the world.

The passage of the feminine goddess within is through your heart. Opening it requires clearing away the thorns –society’s and other people’s expectations, retained negativity, limiting beliefs (lies), and giving value to your comfort, pleasure and happiness. Active self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and adoration beckons the magnificence of your femininity forward. This is where real beauty, inner beauty, flourishes and motivates you to honor yourself; outer beauty is a by-product. As you become more full of the goddess you are, you will naturally, effortlessly, overflow pouring all of the healing goodness within upon the world. You will serve and save the world without depleting yourself.

A happy woman creates heaven on earth.

~ Cynthia


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