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Multiracial Curls!

I’m totally off topic here, but I get a lot of email from parents of mixed-race children asking how to tame the wild beauty atop their heads.

 I take curly hair care seriously! My mom was a blond German woman and she had no idea how to manage my hair. I was teased by kids on both sides of the race line.

Mom’s solution was to cut it off. Then people mistook me for a boy! My hair was a hot mess until I was in my 20’s.

I’m on a mission to share all I know about mastering wild-child curls. Here’s my process and my products. These products can cost a bit upfront ($50 maybe), but they last a long time. And trust me you’ll save everyone a lot of grief. Imagine the knots just slipping out your wild-matted-hair! It actually happens. All of these products have no parabens, and they come from companies with an eye on avoiding harsh chemicals.

Here are the basics:

1.       Wash hair only 1-2 times a week, max.

a.       Come Clean Shampoo OR

b.       Sacred Tiare Shampoo

2.       Always condition, use this

a.       KNOT Today Leave In

3.       Brush with a brush like this.

a.       Wet Brush

4.       Only brush hair in the shower with conditioner on it (unless you’re doing ponytails etc.), Brush into the style you want it to dry in.

5.       Leave the conditioner in, only rinse about 50% of it out.

6.       Squeeze water out of hair with hands, no towel twisting (you can scrunch with a towel if you need). Towel rubbing causes frizz.

7.       Put one of these in:

a.       Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel, 8 oz

b.       Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls


Pay attention!

Never use a hot dryer. Use a diffuser on a low setting. To lock moisture in and frizz out, finish blow-drying on the coldest setting possible. 

Never relax this hair. If you must, go to an expert in black or multiracial hair. This is important! Our hair looks so tough, but it’s more fragile than all of the rest.

Color with caution. I do color my hair, I’ve had so many bad experiences that I’ve learned to do it myself. I use 1/2 of the recommended processing time.

Vary styles and don’t over-use ponytails or any style that pulls on the hairline. I had a receding hairline at 18!

Sleep on a 100% cotton or silk pillowcases (great for skin too).

Want to have a beautiful morning mom? Sleeping braids! Gently brush and put your child’s hair in a loose braid before bed. No more morning misery.

Air dry all summer and watch these magical threads thrive.

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