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Happy – My 3 Favorite Scientifically Proven Happiness Activities

March 23, 2017



In my last post, I shared insights from Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research-based book “The How of Happiness” (links below). If you missed my post, click here and learn what you can and can’t change about your happiness and how to do it.

Part One of Sonja’s book delves into the whys of happiness. It refers to studies and the state of current happiness research.


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Behind the scenes of this “Pollyanna”

November 6, 2014



Many of you don’t know about me. You think I’m “pollyanna,” and the only reason I can say the hopeful and positive things I say so fervently is because I’ve never had it hard. You decide:

I dropped out of 9th grade and hung out with gang-members and convicts.I was a welfare mom living in a garage at 19. I climbed out of that life, with Spirit’s help, and did some incredible things: opened a business, went to an accredited law…

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