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Dreams do come true when you do these two things

April 22, 2013

Dreams do come true when you do these two things

Have you ever worked so hard for seemingly so long that you wondered: Why me? Why does everyone else seem to create their dreams while my road just grows longer?

It’s completely normal. We all feel this way sometimes. Spontaneous dream fulfillment is possible, it does happen, but it’s usually beyond our actionable influence. Moreover, effortless wins are often tied to great challenges and later despair (i.e. lottery winners, child…

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Want to be a powerfully feminine woman?

February 27, 2013

The Resurrecting Venus Show



Thursday, 2/28/13 on Hay House Radio, we talked about how to unveil the Goddess within. I referenced two sources of information and promised to share them here: The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness and The Stress in America Report. During the second half of the show, I played a guided meditation called Connect with Your Inner Goddess. It will be available to…

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5 Ways to Sabotage Yourself

February 3, 2013


This morning, I woke up to a gorgeous day. I am healthy and so are the people I love. I am loved by many and in all the ways I enjoy (romantically, motherly, sister-like). My dogs, Chaya, Teddy, and Basty, are overjoyed simply because I am alive. I live in the house I’ve always wanted to live in. I get to do…

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What Being Feminine Really Means

September 8, 2012

What being feminine means


After spending more than year focusing on the power of femininity and writing my book Resurrecting Venus: Embrace Your Feminine Power, I’ve learned that many women have no idea what femininity really means. Many women associate femininity with being weak, recessive, easy to take advantage of, or docile. Others think that it’s dressing in frilly dresses, batting their eyes, and eating finger sandwiches. Let’s clarify…

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The Time I Proved the Law of Attraction in the Worst Way

April 10, 2012

Many years ago, I was in a terrible situation. I had to travel to a foreign country to handle a legal/family issue that I was very unhappy about. I knew about the trip many months in advance and that gave me plenty of time to worry, dread and project all of my fears and negative thinking into the future.

As the trip grew nearer, I felt a heavy blanket of foreboding…

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The Simple But Hidden Key to Manifesting Success

October 14, 2011


I wrote this post after several months of working with two people who’d fallen prey to teachings of spiritual/mental positivity alone as a method to achieve desires and happiness.

We Walk in Two Worlds

As spiritual beings residing on a physical plane, the greater our ability to function adeptly in both realms, the larger, more lasting and fulfilling, our…

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Detoxing the Mind Part Three

April 26, 2011

If you’ve read part one and part two of Detoxing the Mind, you’ve probably identified some hindering beliefs and fears about you and life. Take some time to reflect on how these beliefs shape your experiences.

Life mirrors beliefs.

Every negative, fear-based belief we hold influences our choices. It is natural to turn away from discomfort to avoid whatever stands…

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Detoxing the Mind Part Two

April 20, 2011

As I mentioned in part one, the things standing between you and your heart’s desires are your beliefs.

In response, I received an email stating that some desires cannot be attained regardless of beliefs. Based on the writer’s examples, I agree. If your “desire” is to be Brad Pitt’s next wife, it’s not likely, though stranger things have happened.

The key distinction is that ego-based, spur of the…

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How to Detox Your Mind (Part 1)

April 18, 2011

Mental toxins, the weight of the past and fears not tied to facts can sabotage every attempt at success and happiness. Because they “live” inside of us, we believe they are us.

In truth, they are the beliefs, negative thoughts and conclusions we’ve drawn from people and experiences. Many of our beliefs slipped into our unguarded minds when we were children.

Finding the source of the…

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