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Dreaming BIG in 2016

December 30, 2015


I love this moment. Suspended between the old and the new, the energy of the coming new year urges us forward while the last wisps of all things released fall away. 

This is the fertile ground—a place to plant the seeds of your deepest desires. Take as much time as you need to clearly design the person and life you intend to experience in 2016.

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Soothing the Sacred Ache

September 29, 2014













Have you ever achieved a goal, something that was supposed to make you feel wonderful once you achieved it, and still felt incomplete?

Do you long for something that you can’t even describe?

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of “having it all” and feel like something is still missing and whatever it is it makes you ache?

This is the sacred ache.

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What does the Repressed Feminine mean and how does it harm women?

April 18, 2013


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There’s a lot of talk about feminine energy and its power to create happier and more fulfilling lives. At the same time, many women (and men) feel confused; they don’t really get what “The Feminine” means and most have no idea whether their feminine essence is repressed. My…

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What Being Feminine Really Means

September 8, 2012

What being feminine means


After spending more than year focusing on the power of femininity and writing my book Resurrecting Venus: Embrace Your Feminine Power, I’ve learned that many women have no idea what femininity really means. Many women associate femininity with being weak, recessive, easy to take advantage of, or docile. Others think that it’s dressing in frilly dresses, batting their eyes, and eating finger sandwiches. Let’s clarify…

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The Sacred Ache of a Woman’s Heart

December 8, 2011

****To all the wonderful men who read my posts, much of what I write here applies to you, but there are some definite distinctions. I appreciate your presence and apologize if my writings leave you feeling left out. I’ll be talking men soon.****

Have you ever achieved a goal, something that was supposed to make you feel wonderful once you achieved it, and still felt incomplete? Do you long for something that…

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The Assault on Femininity Part Two

December 4, 2011


My last post The Assault on Femininity, triggered intense feelings for many women. A large group expressed relief and agreement; they saw themselves in my writing and were grateful someone else understands their struggle. Several stay-at-home moms wrote in expressing gratitude for recognizing and supporting their choice to take on the most important job in the world. A few women disagreed and shared their upset.

I respect every woman’s right to think…

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My Return to Femininity

November 30, 2011



On October 19, 2009, I wrote one of my first blog-posts: “Reclaiming Womanhood – It’s not what you think.” The seeds planted by this idea had already taken root and begun to change the course of my life.

In exploring what it means to be a feminine woman in today’s world, I’ve learned that it takes courage to stand up for femininity –so many associate it with weakness and inferiority. It requires patience to hold out…

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To All the Single Ladies

June 4, 2011

For my latest book, I asked men around the world to send me descriptions of what they find attractive in a woman. I expected to receive a few scant responses from my email & Facebook Page requests and hoped my clients and friends would be willing to fill in the gaps. I grossly miscalculated. Within moments of my requests, I received a plethora of posts and emails from men offering detailed descriptions of what they find most beautiful…

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Ladies: Settle for the Best

February 3, 2011

Ladies: Settle for the Best

To my male readers, please know that this post is not about you.  I’ve talked with so many of you that I know you’re the kind of men my female readers need.  (Hmmm there may be a idea there . . . )

Daily, I receive questions and horror stories from women about men who aren’t good for them.  So many of us seem to think that we must take what we can get, because we’re…

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A Very Lucky Lady

April 26, 2010
A gracious reader sent me the following email sent to her from her husband after an argument.  Not only is this email a heartfelt apology, it is an example of a man confident in his masculinity and possessing of a full grasp his wife’s needs.  With permission, I share it with you:
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