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Cultivate Fertile Soil BEFORE You Plant Your Dreams

January 1, 2017

Create your dreams.

Catch Your Dreams

Happy New Year, Beautiful!

Before you dominate your undeserving precious self into resolution submission, breathe. There’s a much better way to create your dreams. When you fight yourself, you’ll always lose.

You’ve got goals, dreams, and desires, I know. Have you examined their source and motivation?

Are your desires coming from your heart and soul? Or are they…

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Dreaming BIG in 2016

December 30, 2015


I love this moment. Suspended between the old and the new, the energy of the coming new year urges us forward while the last wisps of all things released fall away. 

This is the fertile ground—a place to plant the seeds of your deepest desires. Take as much time as you need to clearly design the person and life you intend to experience in 2016.

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What’s creating your reality?

May 12, 2015

You—or rather your thoughts—create your reality. I’m not speaking in the “woo woo” way. Things happen (life events, experiences, etc.). They have no inherent nature, meaning they’re not inherently good, bad, scary, worrisome, or wonderful. Different people interpret the same events differently. Their predominant thought patterns and beliefs dictate the nature of their perceptions.

For example, a circus clown walks down the street with 20 bundles of cotton candy. Happiness, irritation, fear, desire, temptation, and laughter are each as likely to be directed at her. The…

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A HUGE mistake: Clinging to what you have

February 24, 2015

Break free Cynthia Occelli










We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have.
–Charles F. Haanel

I posted the above quote on my Facebook Page. In response, I received emails and comments requesting clarification of its meaning.

This quote is about release and surrender. Many view this negatively, as though letting go signifies defeat, failure, loss, poverty or disappointment. It doesn’t. The release and…

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Behind the scenes of this “Pollyanna”

November 6, 2014



Many of you don’t know about me. You think I’m “pollyanna,” and the only reason I can say the hopeful and positive things I say so fervently is because I’ve never had it hard. You decide:

I dropped out of 9th grade and hung out with gang-members and convicts.I was a welfare mom living in a garage at 19. I climbed out of that life, with Spirit’s help, and did some incredible things: opened a business, went to an accredited law…

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Why forgiveness is the best revenge (and how to do it)

March 31, 2014

Why forgiveness is the best revenge

Every challenge presents an opportunity to forgive. If you refuse this opportunity, you continue to suffer and keep the pain alive.

It’s common for decades old injuries to bleed fresh when you’re carrying the burden of unforgiveness.

Who suffers most from the anger, pain, or resentment you feel? You, always you.

Forgiveness benefits the forgiver and has little to do with the one…

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How to snap out of the scarcity trance

September 27, 2013


We live in a world that believes scarcity is real. It’s both a psychology and a choice, a choice often inflicted onto others by people in power. In truth, abundance is a natural state. Nature has no limits. There is enough food on the planet to feed the world. There’s no limit to the air, water, and means of creating, or providing shelter to all people. This is not what we see, but it is what’s possible. Scarcity has taken over as a dominant belief in most…

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Why I chose to end my show

August 29, 2013

The Dock and the Willow Tree

Today I hosted the 40th and final broadcast of my Hay House Radio show.

It’s been an amazing experience and part of me wanted to stay and do four hundred shows, but it’s time for me to take the next step on my journey.

I’ve spent the last weeks sitting on the dock at my best friend’s pond in Iowa. I was surrounded by beauty in the form…

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Why I don’t care about being nice to you

August 5, 2013

Cynthia Occelli not nice

One of my commitments to myself is to be conscious of life’s opportunities for deepening growth and meaning. I’ve missed many prospects for valuable learning, bonding and enjoyment by being caught up in the past or the future, focusing on the negative things around me, or incessantly checking my texts and emails. I now set intentions for every experience, so that I won’t miss out on life’s most extraordinary gifts.

Sitting in my airline seat waiting for…

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