Some thoughts on the Law of Attraction:

1) There is no cosmic vending machine that spits out whatever you claim. If inspired thoughts are king, intelligent actions are queen, they need each other.

2) There is an energetic system of confirmation, multiplying and returning to you the energy you genuinely, from deep within, emanate. Whatever you’re being and feeling will be reflected back to you. You notice and act on what you’re putting out. 

3) The greatest barrier to living the reflection of your good energy is separation –wanting good for yourself, but not for ALL others. 

4) You attract what you come into vibrational harmony with. Money, cars and other material items are neutral energy, they can be used for good or harm. Thus you cannot come into vibrational alignment with them.

5) Love, joy and abundance (the feeling of all needs met) are the type of vibrational states that will attract the experiences, people, and opportunities you desire. Of them, love is the most powerful.

6) Clean out your consciousness, let go of negativity, victim thinking, unforgiveness and blame. It’s a constant practice, like showering.

7) Focus on living from the consciousness of loving and watch the world rearrange itself around your loving thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Any wonderful thing is possible for you. Surround yourself with like-minded people and build your dreams upon the goodness within. Believe.


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