Have you ever lost someone before you’d told them how much you love them and what they mean to you ?

If you have, my heart is with you, it’s an unparalleled pain. I have, too. You can still tell them. You won’t receive the same response, but it still matters. If you think you’ll never heal, you will.

Whether you know this pain or not, today we have the opportunity and obligation to ensure that it never happens (again). Too often we sit in the comfort of our minds and tell ourselves how much we love the people in our lives; it’s safe, rejection free and comfortable. It is also isolating and limits intimacy.

I challenge you to be brave and to tell the people you love just what they mean to you. If you have differences, so what, you can still retain your position and views while loving boldly. If they don’t reciprocate, it doesn’t matter. Love that loves only when loved in return isn’t real love.

If you discover that you mistakenly believed someone felt a way they do not, that’s wonderful. Knowing the truth is better than living under delusions. If you have no one to tell, that’s a wake up call telling you to get out and start building a community.

As I always endeavor to, I walked my talk before I wrote this post. I was a little uncomfortable so I wrote to the people I love. I’m not the most pleased with that. I feel as though I need to tell them face to face too, but if email or a note is all you can muster, then go with that. Just get the message out . . . now. It’s never too early, but it can be too late.

Love directed this way is like magic; it transforms everything and everyone it touches.

Here’s to you being a great lover.

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