Cleopatra was a noble queen. Let’s embody her as we walk daily through our lives.

Self Centered: What Would Cleopatra Do?

Cleopatra was a queen, mother, leader of an empire, and lover who lived first for herself and then for her people. She was able to nurture her children, protect her interests, advance her desires, and enjoy life’s beauty. Can you relate?

The words “unworthy” or “inadequate” were words that Cleopatra never attributed to herself. In believing herself worthy of every wonderful gift life could offer, she envied no one.

Though she is portrayed as a stunning physical specimen, one of the most remarkable and noteworthy testaments to the power of personality is that (according to historians) she was mildly attractive, at best. In fact, they credit her wit, humor, and pleasing voice as the magic that charmed beggars and statesmen alike to fall in love with her.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to sit on the throne of your life and when you’re facing a decision, ask yourself: What would Cleopatra do?

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