As a teen, Jaitara was groomed and manipulated into teenage prostitution. She was lucky to escape. Like so many of us who’ve been through painful and violating experiences, she never looked back. She threw herself into making a life. It’s what we do when we’re trying to be strong, healthy, and good women.

One day, twenty-seven-years later, all of her repressed pain resurfaced and literally brought her to the floor. For two days, she cried nonstop. Finally, her healing had begun.

Today, Jaitara is a vibrant, passionate, embracer of femininity and sexual enlightenment. She’s a priestess, a facilitator, an author, and specializes in healing sexual trauma. She recently wrote the best-selling book, The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment.

This week, Jaitara joins me for an intimate talk about healing sexual wounds and past hurts so you can be fully alive in your sex-loving, open-hearted, and sensual self.

Her journey is inspiring and it demonstrates that whether we’ve repressed our pain, turned away from our sexuality, or just gotten cold in the sensual pleasure department we can clear the past and the pain, and have the love, passion, and pleasure we were made to receive.

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Learn the four sacred laws of sexual enlightenment with author, spiritual teacher and Mother of Liberation, Jaitara Jayde.

Learn more about Jaitara here.


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