Self-Centered: A Self-Love RevolutionDo you understand the true meaning of self-love? It’s not about pleasur

February is the month of love, and I’ve got you covered. Tune into Self-Centered on Unity Online Radio and ignite your self-love revolution!


Before we focus on loving someone else, let’s check in on your first and lifelong partner: you.


The term self-love has become a misunderstood catch-all for cute stuff. We see bubble-baths, tubs of ice cream, and persuading ourselves with flowery words as self-love in practice.


Self-love is so much greater than this. A transformative self-love practice can be challenging before it brings you to wholeness and radiance. However, few things in life are more worth it.


Why isn’t anyone talking about the hard truths inherent in real self-love? Because it’s not as fun as chocolates, pretty drinks, and pedicures!

In this show, you’ll learn:


  • why you must love yourself to really love another
  • how codependent relationships hinder you and your partner’s expression
  • how to earn your own self-trust and self-respect
  • how to deepen your self-love today
  • what to stop doing
  • and what you can expect to change

Ready to start your self-love revolution?



Cynthia ?


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