I am a coach and I know how powerfully this work shifts people’s minds, actions, and outcomes. The challenge for me is finding a coach who can do this for me.

A while back, I started searching for someone who was versed in the business I do and also in more subtle and powerful aspects of creation–energy, divine timing, and life purpose. Finally, I found Hiro Boga. She took the lid off of my head and filled it with new energy and new ways of seeing and creating.

She introduced me to all of the Devas in my life. I had no idea what Devas were let alone how to communicate with them. Here’s how Hiro describes them,

“Every life-form that serves an evolutionary purpose has a soul — a counterpart in the subtle energy realms that holds the pattern for the perfect unfolding of the life in its care. I call these beings Devas, a Sanskrit word that means Divine Beings.

Devas are all around us. The ones you are probably most connected with are the Devas who overlight your immediate environment — the Devas of your home, your family, your neighborhood, your business. As you get to know them and deepen your relationship with them, you can choose to partner with them consciously, to create your life, your business, and the world in which you want to live.​​​”​​

All of the work Hiro and I did included the specific Deva of the area we were working on. This relationship with higher beings transformed my work. It eliminated the pressure to use smarmy tactics or to convince people to work with me.

Instead, it called on truth and the genuine matching of my prospective clients’ deepest needs and my capacity to support them. It was a game-changer and my business blossomed with clients I love working with.

This week, Hiro joins us on my radio show! She’s going to share how you can communicate with the Devas of your life and then do a guided process with you during the show.

I am so excited! ​​​​

Listen live, Sept 30th,  at 11 am PT, 1 pm CT, 2 pm ET at Hiro Boga on Self-Centered with Cynthia Occelli.

A replay of the show will be available after it airs. Download it so you can repeat the process and grow your ability to connect with your Devas.




Meet your Devas with Hiro Boga.

Hiro Boga is a writer, business strategist, teacher of transformational programs, and mentor to visionary women leaders who are creating a world that serves all life.

Click here to listen: Hiro Boga on Self-Centered with Cynthia Occelli

Connect with Hiro at her website at HiroBoga.com, on Facebook and on Instagram
You can also explore her online Deva Cards here.



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