What you seek is seeking you.–Rumi

As you travel through life, notice what are you seeking. What you are seeking and what you want may not be aligned.

Are you finding discord, suffering, aggression, loneliness, gossip, scarcity and upset? Or abundance, hope, kindness, generosity, love, community, happiness, Oneness and ease?

You may believe that you are seeking positive qualities, but you just happen to find negative ones.  This isn’t true. You set the standards of your seeking and life mirrors those standards.

Need proof? Go into the world with the conscious intention of finding laughter, anger, beauty or nastiness and you will discover it in abundance.

So it is with your desires, experiences, quality of life and opportunities. 

Most people are seeking based on the default settings of the past. They project their past problems into the future and then develop strategies to minimize the anticipated impact, completely unaware that this is how the future, and its problems, are created.

It seems like an intelligent approach, being prepared for the worst, but where does it leave the possibility of the best? The best doesn’t have a chance to show up in your life.

The past does not dictate the future, unless and until we project it into the future. The choice, the power, and the responsibility is our own.

Seek wisely.

~ Cynthia


Photo credit: Markus941

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