Ruby was 44 and worn out. She had two nearly-grown children and had just exited a marriage that “felt more like we were siblings.” After 27 years of working hard to create someone else’s dreams, Ruby had little money, joy, or hope. She was tired, the kind of tired a week’s worth of sleep won’t help. Her whole life needed remaking.

I was thrilled to work with her.

Although Ruby’s present reality appeared bleak, she had an opportunity few people get and far fewer pursue. She had nothing to lose and the whole world to gain—a wonderful place to start.

I introduced Ruby to the Three Pillars of a beautiful life. I promised her that if she surrendered to them they would lead her to a life she loved.

I want to share these life-changing foundations with you. Give in to them and they’ll make your life beautiful, too.

Three Pillars

1. Truth, the First Pillar. Your truth is comprised of the unique and specific environment, desires, needs, ways, and qualities of life that make you feel good—the things that bring out the best in you—and call you into resonance with your highest and most enlivened self. It includes things like your sexual orientation, your preference for geographic locations, your need for quiet, or your need for noise, your sign, your personality, and what you believe down to the fibers of your being. It’s what is true for you—no matter what.

2. Passion, the Second Pillar. Your passion is what you love to do. It’s what you do because you want to, what you lose track of time doing, what you loved to do as a child, what you dreamed you’d do with your life, what has always drawn you even though you don’t know why, what you’d do for free, and what you’d do if fear, or money, weren’t in the picture.

3. Purpose, the Third Pillar. The purpose of your life isn’t a great mystery. It’s to express the life force/energy within you via your unique gifts, attributes, talents, abilities, and passions in a way that inspires you, makes you feel vibrant and energized, and serves the world. To clarify, read the following principles of purpose:

a) Your purpose already exists. It doesn’t show up or comes from life’s experiences, or gets discovered. It’s already whole and present within you.

b) Your strengths/gifts are tools given to you to help you express your purpose. Creation is Brilliant. It stacks the deck in its favor. It placed specific and unique gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths inside of you so that you’d have what you need to fulfill your purpose.

c) Desire is purpose’s compass. Desire is a gift from your creator it’s intentional—it’s there so you’ll be drawn to do what you’re here to do.

d) The way you express your purpose is unique to you. No one will do it like you and you can’t do it like anyone else.

e) The expression of purpose always serves someone else.

Ruby worked through the pain of a lifetime of repressed desires. She learned to be honest with herself and to accept every aspect of her truth, without apology or judgment. She took up long-buried passions of salsa dancing, country walks and volunteered at a local animal rescue center.

She threw off the chains of expectations, embraced herself, and forgave others for wanting her to be someone else.

Ruby’s life rapidly changed. She found a job at a gorgeous winery in a country town and faced her fear of being on her own.

Today, Ruby takes her rescued mutt to work with her and spends her day laughing, entertaining, and making more money than ever before. She looks like a different person, too. Her hair is red—shouldn’t all Rubys have red hair—and her eyes shine. She’ll turn fifty this June, and she’s never been more lovely.

This is Ruby’s beautiful life.

What’s yours?

What’s holding you back from realizing your potential?

Leave a comment and share ONE thing that’s holding you back. I’ll do my best to write articles that support you.

“One of Cynthia Occelli’s inherent gifts to the world is empowering women to become the greatest expression of themselves. She has the knowledge and the resources to bring truth and perspective into your life. In other words, she can help you become the greatest expression of yourself. Follow her example and you’re in for a beautiful life.”

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