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This third installment in Cynthia’s series on embracing femininity dives deep into the hows of remaking your life with your feminine energy. Learn how to eliminate undermining social messages and to recognize your inherent beauty. Discover how to become a timeless beauty. By the end of this episode, you know precisely how to let femininity recreate your world. 

Time Markers:

The business of beauty (3:25)
Surrendering insecurity and claiming your inherent wholeness (4:10)
What men actually find sexy (8:15)
How to be a timeless beauty (9:00)
Rupi Kaur, menstruating on Instagram (16:40)
Practical steps to nurture your femininity (19:35)


Your body, right now, is absolutely magnificent. It gives you all of its effort and energy and works 24 hours a day for your entire lifetime. No other being will serve you this way.

It is so much harder to create your dreams and goals when a part of you is attacking you. It weakens you in ways that nothing else can.

Most women incessantly nurture, comfort, and care for others. Many take better care of others than they do of themselves.


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Enjoy Cynthia’s beautiful meditation, Connect With Your Inner Goddess.

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