In my most recent podcast, I shared my process for sifting through 2016 and identifying the people, events, actions, and thoughts that brought good to you and those that didn’t help you (two bits of equally valuable information).

For me, this year has been, bar none, the most challenging of my life. I lived through it and practiced all I teach, under the harshest of circumstances. It wasn’t easy or comfortable. I grappled with the impact of my mom’s destiny outmatching my will

My beautiful mother passed away. I withdrew to the Midwest and grieved endlessly. My whole life, from business to romance changed. I fell into an all encompassing cessation of hope–a complete crisis of faith and purpose. I asked the Universe for a sign that would clearly communicate whether my time as an advocate and teacher of life should end. Bill Clinton’s team called and soon a production team traveled to the middle of nowhere America and was filming me for the Democratic National Convention. Thanks to the Universe for its hyper-clear communication.  

When Trump won the election and my world revolted (I’m an Angeleno, tried and true), I saw it differently. I’ve lived through enough to know my power. Gratefully, I live in a part of the world where I can exercise my power freely. It’s going to be okay.

By this fall, taking so much time off of work had created a sense of stuckness in me. I knew that focusing on that would only expand its power, so I took action, consistent action. I returned to working on the Beautiful Life School, my online program that allows me to channel hard-won wisdom and compassionate support to women around the world.

I also relaunched my podcast with this episode: Life, Death & Falling in Love (Cynthia’s back). It was so well received. I knew I was back on purpose.

My greatest lesson and work this year: The Immense Power of Letting Go. Learning to let go made me stronger, made life brighter, and brought me peace in the most gut-wrenching moments.

My final and continuing effort of this year and the next is to practice excellent self-care, always.

How about you? Do you notice that who you were in January is not the same person you were in June and who you are now is also different? The past isn’t you, is it? 

This year was challenging for so many. That makes retaining only the treasures of 2016 even more important.

On a fresh sheet of paper, extract ONLY the joy-filled parts and the lessons learned from the difficult times.  Take the old sheet, of yesterday’s questions and answers, and destroy it. Let the treasures of the past be all that remains; everything else is dead and useless.  Let it all go.

The past does not define the future and you have everything you need to become your best self and create the life YOU desire most. When you catch yourself reliving or rehashing something that is not on the treasure list, kindly remind yourself that you’ve decided to “let it go” then turn your attention to today. 

Let go of all the reasons things might or must turn out badly. They are not facts; they are just vaporous ideas and opinions. When you argue for your limitations, you tie both hands behind your back and blind yourself to opportunities that could lead you to your heart’s desires. Clear that. Let it go.

This day is about cleaning, clearing, and releasing all that does not serve you. Be kind and loving with yourself as you apply the discipline to consciously release. With the past where it belongs, and the plan for the future not yet developed, there is only the present, take that in. I join you here.

Happy New Year’s Eve,



Photo credit: h.koppdelaney

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