Power of Positive ThinkingI’m an avid Pollyanna, meaning I choose to be a positive thinker. I pray prayers, work with energy, follow the stars, love extra hard, and I believe that people are fundamentally good. When life confronts me with a challenge, I feel all the negative feelings, and I sink to the bottom of the well for a brief time. Invariably and soon after, I rise. I commit to finding the opportunity in the challenge and to finding a way to transmute the hurt, loss, stress, or pain into something positive for someone (myself, family, clients, listeners, or the world). Then I attack the apparent problem with every heavenly and earthly remedy I have.

People who call themselves “realists” are quite confounded by my constant return to positive thinking. They say they’re too mature, they’ve seen too much, and they’re too wise now to succumb to the rainbows and gumdrops in my delirium. They see the bad in people first, and the world is a dangerous place rife with narcissists and evildoers. They live in constant vigilance, never fully bonding with anyone and incapable of trusting others completely. They say their pessimism and defensiveness keep them prepared for the next hard thing, and my optimism leaves me vulnerable.

What a pile. Filling oneself with negative thinking and expectations, and worry provides no protection or preparedness. It just robs one of present joy. When the next hard thing happens, they’re no more prepared, and they may already be worn out from all of the energy spent being unrelentingly tense.

Life challenges all of us. It’s healthy to understand this and to do all of the things that make good sense. I wholeheartedly encourage you to:

*** Eat a healthy diet (Veggie forward)
*** Sweat 3-5 times a week
*** Sleep 6.5 hours+ every night
***Save and invest money. Check out my podcast: 10 Things You Need to Know About Money
***Get checkups and dental cleanings
***Get auto, health, and whatever other insurance you need
***Pay your taxes
***Don’t break the law
***Reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol intake

This list offers a good start to creating a sound foundation for preventing and preparing for many life challenges. But, Goddess help me, is this all there is? My realist friends seem to think so. I do not.

Us cotton-candy-wrapped paragons of positive thinking benefit a whole bunch from:

***Creating time for rest/positive reading/meditation every day
***Being bonded and completely present in a healthy relationship and having lots of sex with our lover
***Growing a community of people we feel happy and energized with
***Spending less or no time with people draining and depleting people
***Optimizing our work lives or getting/creating a job we love
***Asking ourselves, “What’s the best thing that could happen?”
***Adoring and adorning ourselves with things that make us feel magical and beautiful
***Recognizing our immense power and resilience
***Trusting that at some level of creation, everything makes sense and works together for good
***Believing that challenges are opportunities to grow and lessons for our souls
***Knowing that we are loved and never alone. There is a presence who loves us totally.
***Celebrating the unlimited aspects of our nature (love, possibility, hope, ability to grow)
***Remembering that all things change, this includes all feelings and bad times
***Owning our power to direct our attention and energy. What we direct it to will grow
***Disregarding doomsayers and detractors
***Being grateful for all that remains
***Embracing the power that pulls you through
***Loving fiercely and fearlessly

This list, which is by no means inclusive, combined with the realist’s list above, is a formula for joy and miracle-filled life— a life worthy of the magnificent beings we were created to be. To the wary realists who reject my sparkle, you keep your pessimism. I’ll ride my unicorn through the storm and into that gorgeous giant lemon-drop sunset.

Are you more of a realist or a Pollyanna positive thinker? Leave a comment and tell me what you’d add to the lists above.

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