How do you handle decision making? Do you make a hurried or snap choice? Or do you get caught up in an endless weighing of the outcomes? Is your normal approach somewhere in between?

Last year, I made a ton of big decisions. I negotiated the largest transaction I’ve done so far. I had to choose where to live and what my business would look like. I chose new subject matter for courses and picked a new book concept.

I was constantly faced with fast-paced exchanges that pushed for immediate answers. 

I struggled and stumbled a few times.

Once, I was negotiating a sale. Emotionally, I really wanted the item to sell. Intellectually, I was ready to sell it. I knew what the item was worth, and I’d received a great offer. After inspecting the item, the buyer called with a lower offer. My representative got excited and immediately pushed me to counter at a price in the middle. She was full of contagious urgency. Without pausing to breathe and reflect, I followed her advice and agreed to an unnecessarily lower price.

Almost immediately, I regretted it.

As time passed, and I grew quieter, I felt more regret. I’d failed to follow my own wisdom: to never react under pressure, think for yourself and always take a few minutes to get centered before you choose how you’ll respond.

If I’d become still first, I wouldn’t have countered at all. I’d have stood firm on the item’s value and let the buyer make the choice to take it or pass.

The way I behaved was according to my old stories. It was a throwback to my upbringing, to the lack and scarcity consciousness that ruled my youth and family home.

I’ve since trained myself to see the harried, frantic energies of scarcity as a reminder to pause, breathe, get some altitude, and reconsider.

At the other end of this vital wisdom is one caution. Don’t endlessly ruminate. Overthinking leads to confusion and muddled outcomes, aka analysis paralysis. Take enough time to get centered, evaluate the risks and benefits, ask your higher self for guidance, and actively craft a calm response. If you’re prone to overthinking, encourage yourself to make swift and calm decisions by giving yourself a reasonable, but firm deadline.

When you are calmly seated in your awareness, and take authority over your ability to set the tone of and process of your decisions, you’ll see your level of satisfaction with outcomes rise.

Remember, you are the empress of your life. Stay on your throne.



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