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How to start over and thrive: 10 Things You Need to Know About Starting Over.

Get the GOLD out of the old year and create a magnificent New Year!

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Would you build a new home on a pile of junk? As 2016 closes, millions of New Year’s resolutions will float in the ethers as droves of us barrel into the New Year, drunk, clutching a list of things we intend to force ourselves to do and lugging the baggage of the past with us. There is a MUCH better way. Before you get all excited about the New Year, let’s make peace and gather the gold from 2016. In this show, I’ll share my process for extracting the wisdom and wonder of the passing year (yes it’s in there, trust me), cleaning up, and making space for an intentionally fulfilling 2017.  Click here to listen now.

Make space for the possibility—a possibility we’ll turn into a reality—that your best days are yet to come!


The Panning for Gold Process:

Listen to the show first and then WRITE the answers to the following questions:

  1. Was 2016 a good year? Why?
  2. What did you do well?
  3. What could you have done better?
  4. List the things that moved you forward (emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, self view/self-esteem).
  5. List the things that moved you away from your good. (emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, self view/self-esteem).
  6. Who enriched your life?
  7. What relationships were depleting or harmful?
  8. What thought or thoughts played most in your mind?
  9. Describe each month of 2016 with one word, phrase or sentence.

Study the answers for the hidden gems, the things that made you better, stronger, more alive. Note the things that brought you down and caused you suffering.

  1. In hindsight, what could you have done differently to support and help yourself more?

Be kind, gentle and loving with yourself.


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