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1:1 revolutionary Coaching for women 

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Are you:

-feeling overwhelmed?

-fighting to start over?

-holding a dream in your heart?

For 15+ years, I’ve helped women successfully navigate and heal after hard things and bring their dreams to life.

Some of the events I love helping with are:

 Beginning again after losing love (break up, divorce, illness, death)

Regrouping and re-launching after business failure and reorganization

Staying steady and grounded  through legal challenges

Navigating difficult relationship challenges  (empty nest, co-dependency, parentification)

Reinventing yourself (new life, relocating, dating as a grown woman with standards)

Embracing your feminine energy

I work with a limited number of clients, so there’s ample space for me to focus on your vision and craft custom solutions, resources, and strategies.

Revolutionary 1:1 Coaching Foundations

Connection | You’ll have a safe and trustworthy confidant. You’ll be heard, understood, valued, and supported.

Rewriting | I’ll guide you to discover the hidden beliefs that limit your success and hold you back.

Defining Your Dream | We’ll identify and articulate your deepest vision of success and happiness, one that makes you feel enlivened and aligned with your authentic truth.

Exercising Authority | I’ll teach you to marshal your inner power to end negative influences, self-judgment, and criticism permanently.

Nurturing Your Life Force | Stabilize, rejuvenate, and shore up your mental, physical, and spiritual foundations so you feel and function like the powerful creator you are.

Core Wound Healing | Heal old and new wounds. Rejuvenate your self-image, reframe your story, and fortify your self-worth so you feel secure and centered.

Revolutionary Problem Solving | Bring me your unsolvable obstacles, and we’ll utilize energy, intellect, and intuition to create the best available outcome.

Custom Bonuses

Audio Anchors | Daily Rituals | Highly Effective Affirmations | Resource Referrals | Custom Meditation Audio | Email/Text Access | Audio Voice Messaging


6 sessions: $2997

6-month intensive: $11,500

VIP Day: $8,500

Payment plan available for life coaching sessions.

“Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I pray, and then I talk to Cynthia. She has a way of seeing through all the ‘stuff ’ and getting right to the core of what’s going on. With a gentle hand and listening ear, she’s able to help me navigate my way back to sanity. Cynthia can tap into chaos and negative emotions and come away with a clear understanding of how to overcome those challenges. When you need clarity, smart guidance, and loving honesty, she’s the one to turn to. I love her, and I thank God for her.”

Sherri Shepherd
Host of the Sherri Show, Actress, Emmy Winner

In a time of great loss and confusion, Cynthia helped me see the light. Her strength, compassion, and intuition grounded me and lifted my spirits so I could see who I was again and then figure out where I wanted to go.

Cynthia has the unique ability to weave spiritual, intuitive, analytical, and practical insights into clear and actionable next steps.

I am forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance.
Elizabeth Gorcey

Actress, Director, Producer, Artist

I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, even though I was achieving many goals and things people would consider successful.

Cynthia’s teachings are a life compass. I’ve been able to dream bigger, stretch higher, and stay focused and grounded, knowing what specific actionable steps to take to achieve my dreams.  

May-Jun Muse

Marketing Manager

Two weeks after my husband of 27-years walked out, I made the decision to make my life better than it was before. I of me felt silly for thinking I could and I was scared to death. 

Cynthia took me in as a sister. She loaned me her belief in my abilities and helped me connect with my higher self. Over the course of nine months, long enough to create a baby, she helped me rebuild every part of my life. When we were finished, I had a new career doing what I love, a real home, and a healthier body.

Our final project was reinventing myself as a single woman ready for a loving relationship with an equal partner. I recently became engaged. Pack up your dreams and your deepest fears and go see Cynthia. You’ll get your life together.

Kathleen Moreno

Lead Designer


Email me at help@BLifeSchool.com

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