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(or we’ll craft a custom program to support your unique situation)

Your challenges, perceived failures, and heartbreaks do not define your future. How you respond does.

No one tells us this, but the greatest successes and fulfilling life experiences usually come after life’s disenchantments and darkest times. 

Whether you’ve taken a wrong turn, suffered a soul-crushing loss, missed your target, or simply outgrown the container of your life, what happens now is up to you. Open up to possibility

Mentoring with me is an intense and intimate experience. Our work will free you of the past and the old limiting mindsets that have blocked you. You’ll gain a new foundation and know that you’re here on purpose. Together, we’ll capture the highest vision for your life and create a plan to realize it.

I work with a limited number of private clients so there’s ample space for me to reflect on your vision and identify custom strategies for you.

The Process

The following sequence will be tailored to serve you.

Week One
Connection | You’ll share everything you need me to know and understand about you. I’ll listen, learn, and begin organizing your journey.

Week Two
Triage | I’ll help you stop the damage and momentum of negative influences in your life and reverse the downward spiral of limiting thinking and beliefs.

Week Three
Stabilize | We’ll work rebuilding your foundation and stabilizing your body and being, creating equilibrium and equanimity.

Week Four
Restore | We’ll heal your self-image, change your story, and fortify your self-worth so you feel sound, secure and centered.

Week Five
Reframe | We’ll find the passageway through the tragic event, setback, failure, or rut to a wiser, unapologetic, and destined to thrive you.

Week Six
Recreate | We’ll capture the vision of your greatest self and life and create a simple action plan to create it. Someday is now.

Customized Audio Recording

Audio Anchor | Upon the completion of our series, I’ll create a detailed audio recording of specific rituals, mindset shifts, self-talk, and habits curated specifically for you. I will ask that you listen to it at least once a week. This will make following through on your plan easy.

Investment: US $1997
Payment plans available. 

In a time of great loss and confusion, Cynthia helped me see the light. Her strength, compassion, and intuition grounded me and lifted my spirits so I could see who I was again and then figure out where I wanted to go.

Cynthia has the unique ability to weave spiritual, intuitive, analytical, and practical insights into clear and actionable next steps.

I am forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance.
Elizabeth Gorcey


I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, even though I was achieving many goals and things people would consider successful.

Cynthia’s teachings are a life compass. I’ve been able to dream bigger, stretch higher, and stay focused and grounded, knowing what specific actionable steps to take to achieve my dreams.  

May-Jun Muse

Marketing Manager

Two weeks after my husband of 27-years walked out, I made the decision to make my life better than it was before. I of me felt silly for thinking I could and I was scared to death. 

Cynthia took me in as a sister. She loaned me her belief in my abilities and helped me connect with my higher self. Over the course of nine months, long enough to create a baby, she helped me rebuild every part of my life. When we were finished, I had a new career doing what I love, a real home, and a healthier body.

Our final project was reinventing myself as a single woman ready for a loving relationship with an equal partner. I recently became engaged. Pack up your dreams and your deepest fears and go see Cynthia. You’ll get your life together.

Kathleen Moreno

Lead Designer


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