There are a plethora of “teachings” out there that promise to show you, for a fee, how to get whatever you want (like win the lottery, get your dream home, manifest your soul mate, defy natural laws, etc.).

They tout “breakthrough” techniques and methods that they claim no one else either knows about or believes in. The latter–belief requirement–incidentally becomes the reason the technique doesn’t work for you. It’s your fault because you didn’t keep 100% positive thoughts. It’s certainly not because the technique is nonsense.

Never-mind that it’s humanly impossible to be positive all of the time ( . . . and how is it that my ex won $200k+ on a slot machine after we’d been viciously fighting for months and it was an especially heated argument that led to the moment we sat in front of that winning machine?).

Here’s the thing to remember as you move toward the highest expression of you: DON’T CHECK YOUR COMMON SENSE AT THE DOOR!

If there were an instantaneous fast-track to manifesting whatever you want, the whole world would know it and use it.

There is no cosmic vending machine. Everyone needs to know this because once you understand this you’ll stop wasting money and time on too-good-to-be-true schemes.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me give you some balance and truth.

I am a dreamer who has repeatedly manifested the “impossible” (admission to law school with a 9th-grade education, welfare to real prosperity, dream home, book deal, radio show, lasting love, holding it together when my ex’s illness tore our lives apart). I’m not talking about parking places and twenty-dollar bills, here. I do believe in the Universe conspiring to help us WHEN WE HELP OURSELVES.

Ask your guru how they made their magic technique money. They took ACTION; they WORKED for it.

Better yet, ask yourself why you believe there’s any guru outside of you. You are your Guru.

I wrote an e-book called the 7 steps to Manifesting your Heart’s Desires, and here, in a nutshell, I will share with you too can magnetize your heart’s desires:

1) Space – Clear out the past and explore your limiting beliefs about abundance and worthiness. Those limiting beliefs must be acknowledged, accepted, and expressed (therapy, journaling, art etc), otherwise self-sabotage will block your success.

2) Dream – Catch the vision for what you want to create and get clear on whether the dream is yours, someone else’s or your ego’s.

3) Commit – Get to the place of willingness to DO whatever it takes (not unethical/immoral) to create your vision.

4) Plan – Intelligent planning based on as much real-world wisdom as you can uncover. Who’s done what you want to do? How? Learn from their mistakes too.

5) RRPs – Rituals, Routines and Practices that keep your dream in the center of your life (meditate on it, affirm it, visualize it, just stay connected).

6) Action – Translate all of that inspired thought you’ve generated into inspired action. Here’s the bridge between realms. All things begin in thought, action creates form.

7) Persevere – Let go of the timing, the plan, the way it HAS to come to you and persevere. Fall 99 times and get up 100.

This is how you create whatever you want. Usually, you’ll get it. And yes sometimes the mountains will not move. Go back to step one.

Here’s to YOU thinking for yourself, trusting your instincts, and having your vision of it “all.”


Please share your insights and experiences with me! Leave a comment. Thank you!


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