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Happy New Year!

The energy around us has shifted from the bubbly and diffused flow of the holidays to focused and frantic as the world efforts to implement resolutions. The thing about resolutions is that 96% fail within two weeks.

We aren’t made for endless marathons of self-induced force. Some of us may run longer than others, but none of us feel good doing it, and eventually, we all quit.

It’s also foolish to rush through the creative phase of life planning. There’s a better way.

Take this time between now and the Chinese new year, January 25th, to lay the foundation and create the vision for your next year and decade.

Over the next weeks, I’ll be sending simple notes to help you design and draw in the next decade of your life.

Before you focus on the future, take the rest of the week to sort through the last year and decade. This is a deep process, much like preparing to move to a new home.

Your existing home is full of things you’ve collected over the year (or years), and all of the stuff people have dropped off. Imagine just moving it all into a new house. There won’t be room to receive what 2020 wants to give you. This is what most people do.

There are certainly treasures to keep from 2019 and before. Happy outcomes, wisdom and lessons, warm feelings of love, belly-shaking laughs, and sweet times are among them. Your strength, tenacity, resilience, kindness, and fundamental goodness are priceless items, too. You’ll want to take all of these things with you.

There’s also a ton to leave behind too. Even the most organized and fastidious of us have inner clutter. All of the ugly things that harmed you like negative self-talk, over-working and under-sleeping, lousy food, and toxic situations. Regrets, falling short, betrayals, disappointments, and harmful people. You’ll have a better future if you let them go.

It’s time to clean up, move out, and move on. You’ve got a brand new energetic home to organize and occupy. Be aware and intentional.

One caveat: Don’t get carried away by dumping out everything from the past. You’ll trash priceless assets, qualities you’ve worked hard to earn, memories that have significant meaning, and lessons that will make you more successful in the future.

Give your future self a gift by sorting through the past, keeping the good stuff, and releasing the rest.

Here’s a process to help you.

Panning the Gold from 2019

Write the answers to the following questions:

1. What kind of year was 2019?

2. What did you do really well?

3. What would you like to have done better?

4. What behaviors, habits, activities made your life better (emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, self-esteem).

5. What practices, habits, events were toxic or destructive?

6. Who enriched your life?

7. Which relationships were depleting or harmful?

8. What thought or thoughts played most in your mind? (What was your personal soundtrack?)

9. Describe each month of 2019 with one word or phrase.

10. Describe each year of the past decade with one word or phrase.

Study the answers for hidden gems, things that made you better, stronger, more alive. Note the things that brought you down and caused you suffering.

10. In hindsight, what could you have done differently to have felt better and lived better?

Keep an eye out for my next note. If you’re not on my list, sign up here.

Don’t put this process off or underestimate the future value of organizing the past.

We, like all of life, are connected. When we create good in ourselves, we contribute healing energy to all.

Be extra good to yourself this year.



P.S. Be sure to listen to my “Feel into the New Year” session and forward this to someone you care about.

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