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February 8, 2013

On My Couch

Today I shared some posts on Facebook about romance, passion and the power of having a masculine/feminine polarity in a committed relationship. As always, it sparked a lot of discussion. Many women agreed and confidently stated their desire to be loved by a man who is fully possessed of his masculine energy and to revel in their feminine energy. A few people dissented and left long (I’m talking 700-1000 word) comments detailing their disagreement. I answered a few thinking that it’s healthy to explore and discuss all views. Yet, when I was finished, I’d gained nothing and lost precious time that I could have invested in something important to me. This is not how I want to live.

I then checked my email and messages. I’d received several notes from women who had so much to share and so many beautiful questions, but they were intimidated by the dissenters and didn’t want to be judged or criticized, so they shared them privately, instead of with our group. This gave me pause and caused me to reflect on what really matters to me.

My goal in creating this site, and in participating in social media, is not to engage in discussions about why I believe what I believe, I already know why I do.

It isn’t to convince or convert others to my way of thinking; read it and if it resonates with you then it’s right for you. If not, that’s okay.

What I value most of all is having a “safe” space to explore women’s empowerment, feminine expression, and personal success. I want this space to be a sanctuary where women feel comfortable expressing their innermost feelings, vulnerabilities, and desires–free of evaluation, criticism or judgment.

Then I thought of a blog I’d read a long time ago (I think it was written by Jessica Gottlieb, I’m not sure). The blogger said something about treating her blog and page like her living room and if she wouldn’t be willing to entertain those comments in her living room, she wouldn’t on her blog. I agree.

This is my page and all who feel a connection are welcome. If you’re not a fan of my writings, or you are opposed to what I say, the internet is brimming with other sites that you’ll enjoy. Be blessed and go there. If you’re passionate about an opinion that opposes mine, start your own blog. With all kindness and wishes of peace, what you think of me (or my work) is none of my business.

From now on, I’ll be deleting and banning all comments that detract from the kind of environment I seek to create.

The world is filled with every imaginable experience, YOU get to choose what you’d like to include and exclude from your life. There is no need or prize in tolerating what detracts from your highest expression.