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Like most of us, I’ve been through a lot of life’s great challenges: deaths, poverty, divorce, single-motherhood, betrayal, and more.

Yet, not too long after each one of these soul-crushing experiences I’ve rebounded to accomplish wonderful things: new love, thriving business, presidential recognition, blessed relationships, world travels, and the means to work when I choose.

This pattern is no accident.

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

It’s not what happens to you that determines your future. It’s your response to what happens.

I never want to seem cold-hearted or oblivious to the agony of living through a life-altering loss or challenge. Grief is real. When getting through the next 10 minutes is a herculean effort, just do that.

As you get further along in the process, thoughts of the future will emerge. This is when you need to take authority over your inner processes. You see, this is when it’s super easy to fall into a new and negative life view. Life appears to have kicked you in the teeth. It’s logical to infer that life is hostile to you, you’re unsafe, and things will never be okay.

Stop yourself right there. Logic is not truth. The truth is that whatever you place your focus and energy on will grow, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Channel your energy, thoughts, and actions toward positive and prosperous ideas and they’ll grow. This is logical too.

The hard part is turning your focus to positive methods when you’re swirling in the aftermath of a painful experience. The thing that’s always bridged this chasm for me is guided meditation.

How Guided Meditation Works

Guided meditation is an audio recording that calms you, centers your energy, and plants the seeds of positivity into your receptive mind. I’ve used them to help me let go of harmful people and situations, to make decisions, to forgive, to build self-worth, attract prosperity, and connect me with my higher wisdom and intuition.

The process requires minimal effort. You don’t even need to have an open mind or happy mood. You just sit in a quiet and private place and listen to the meditation. For the fastest results, do it daily.

In a short time, you’ll notice that you feel more like you again, the one who isn’t stuck or suffering. Your thoughts will be clearer and more creative. Hope will bubble up where there was only despair.

You’ll think of new solutions, notice helpful opportunities, and rise out of the stickiness of passing upsets.

Sound good? YES.

Don’t know where to find tried and loved guided meditations? I’ve got you covered.

Click here to get three of my fan-favored guided meditations, no charge, my gift to you.

I want you to receive all the good that life is offering you.

Need an answer? Listen to Connect with your intuition with the Embrace Your Inner Goddess Guided Visualization (Hay House).

Need more money? Open up to abundance and all that life is willing to give you with the Meditation for Prosperity.

Feeling scattered or insecure? Get centered and stand in your power, follow the Meditation for Self-Worth.

Click here to get all three guided meditations.

Put this process into action. Leave me a comment telling me which meditation you’re going to listen to first and why. I can’t wait to see them work in your life.

Love to you,


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