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The Success Sabotaging Cycle of Low Self-Worth

You have dreams, desires, needs, and challenges that you’re ready to handle. You’re in touch with yourself. You may even know what you need to do to make your goals real, and then it happens.

Low self-worth in the form of anxiety, fear, perceived limitations, and self-criticism seem to grow larger as you become clearer.

Most of us resist and push our way forward until the weight of low self-worth becomes too much to bear.

Then, we retreat into our comfort zone. For a brief time, we feel relieved and safe. Nothing has changed and we’re back to what we know.

However, your true self won’t go away either. It starts its own protest. NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND YOU’RE BACK TO WHAT YOU KNOW! WE CAN’T SETTLE FOR THIS!

So you try again. The cycle is vicious and no wonder you feel like you’re not enough. Your mind interprets the cycle as evidence that you can’t succeed, instead of seeing that you don’t know how to help yourself develop the self-worth to see yourself through the challenges.

In this show, you’ll learn that self-worth is changeable and you’ll learn how to start cultivating healthy self-worth today.


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