Life 95: Anti-Racism and Spiritual Expansion with Dr. Darnise Martin

Life 95: Anti-Racism and Spiritual Expansion with Dr. Darnise Martin

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Expand your understanding of anti-racism and discover how it fits within our spiritual evolution. Professor, Author and Life Transformation Coach, and Hoodoo practitioner, Darnise C. Martin, PhD joins us to dispel the myths around our history, help you embrace the spiritual opportunity before us, and discover African spirituality. You’ll come away more educated and able to move forward in healing the American wound.

Time Markers

– When something is pervasive it’s hard to see (3:16)

– But I don’t have privilege! (7:04)

– Pain is pushing the agenda (14:21)

– Dealing with the discomfort of “fragility” (17:13)

– The narrative of our heroic nation (27:40)

– Why aren’t we taught about Juneteenth?! (35:02)

– Here’s how to be a better ally (39:17)

– African Spirituality and Hoodoo (45:55)

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Life 95: Anti-Racism and Spiritual Expansion with Dr. Darnise Martin


Expanding our understanding of race requires our intentionality about moving forward…

–Dr. Darnise Martin

We as a human race are being propelled forward to get beyond some of these really ridiculous boundaries that we’ve set up between ourselves.

–Dr. Darnise Martin

Our guardian angels must be laughing at us. –Dr. Darnise Martin

Pain pushes until the vision pulls. –Michael Beckwith

We cannot this very fear-based, ego-managed stuff into our higher existence. –Dr. Darnise Martin

You don’t know because you don’t want to know.  –James Baldwin

hen Life Blows Up with Cylvia 


Anti-racism Research and Resources

Train Yourself To See It – White Privilege Tim Wise

I Am Not Your Negro – Netflix

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