Life 93: The Creative Cycle with Amber Bonici

LIFE 93: The Creative Cycle with Amber Bonici

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The challenges we’re dealing with now are marathons, not sprints. You must nurture your own sense of vitality and well-being because you can’t give from an empty cup. This week, Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, the founder of Woman Unleashed, joins us to share her four-part process for restoration and reconnection to self and Spirit through creativity. Learn how to restore yourself, start the projects that matter to you, and finish them, all while filling yourself up.

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P.S. Ready to go deeper? Click here to sign up for the Woman Unleashed free retreat. I am teaching about staying centered and connected to your inner sense of power, joy, and groundedness.

Time Markers

– A learning journey (1:30)

– Welcome Amber! (3:04)

– Creating connects you to Spirit (7:24)

– The beginning place (11:55)

– You’re everything! (17:51)

– Transmuting our pain (22:26)

– Creative Cycle (27:24)

– Making this accessible with our children present (33:32)

– Our container for creation (40:17)

– Co-creation (44:55)

– Persistence and completion (47:34)

LIFE 93: The Creative Cycle with Amber Bonici


Doing things that make us feel beautiful is a simple and powerful act that changes our state. And it is very easy to overlook and very easy to deny yourself day after day.

Think about what we’re really saying when we say to ourselves, “I don’t have to feel pretty, beautiful, or feel happy because it’s just me.” That’s crazy. It’s just you? You’re everything!

― Cynthia Occelli

Accomplishing anything in your life that is outside of your comfort zone requires support.

Your creation isn’t just yours, it’s you and a contract with Spirit.

― Amber Bonnici



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