Life 92: Learning to Talk About Racism

LIFE 92: Learning to Talk About Racism

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Join Cynthia for a non-judgmental and open-hearted discussion about creating an anti-racist community.

Learn what the terms structural racism, systemic racism, white privilege, and white supremacy actually mean so that you can better understand and speak about the challenges facing our country. Compassionate hearts know how to respond when they understand the experiences of others.

Time Markers

– Some personal experiences (0:22)

– Navigating whiteness (11:52)

– Your Compassionate Heart (17:28)

– The idea of “race” (20:51)

– Our shared language (28:05)

– You can do something today (37:17)

– White supremacy as ever present (40:45)

– We HAVE to deal with this problem (50:07)

LIFE 92: Learning to Talk About Racis


“…[White privilege is] also the power to weigh the need for protest or confrontation against the discomfort or inconvenience of speaking up. It’s getting to choose when and where you want to take a stand. It’s knowing that you and your humanity are safe.

And what a privilege that is.”

― Cory Collins

When we understand that many people suffer and pay with their lives at the hands of structural and systemic racism we then develop the ability to actually deal with the problem.

― Cynthia Occelli

The problem is so much more than a couple of bad cops, the problem is that we have people that have to plan for exit strategies and emergency measures to jog down the street.

― Cynthia Occelli



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White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism – Robin DiAngelo

Racial Equity Tools

Discover your bias and level of racism and many other socially harmful mindsets: 

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