LIFE 90LIFE 90: Bringing Happy Back: Bringing Happy Back

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“We estimate that being in the upper quartile of optimism seems to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular risk roughly equivalent to not smoking two packs of cigarettes daily.”–Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism

Optimists are more successful, physically healthier, they strive to achieve goals more consistently, and they cope with challenges better.

Best of all, happy people feel better moment to moment. And what is life other than a collection of connected moments? 

The great news is that optimism and happiness are trainable. You can start growing yours today.

In this episode, learn how to cultivate genuine happiness, independent of circumstances.

You need this, we all do. Learn 12 strategies to grow happier now.

Time Markers

– Just one more thing about love (1:01)

– Give to get (7:33)

– What IS happiness (10:26)

– Happiness is trainable (17:05)

– Gratitude grows happiness (22:21)

– 12 Boosters (28:13)

– How can we cultivate our optimism? (32:30)

– Picking YOUR happy boosters (39:48)

– Forgiveness is the path to freedom (45:44)

– Fake it ’til you make it (49:40)

LIFE 90: Bringing Happy Back


Sonja Lyubomirsky – The How of Happiness

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