LIFE 88: Inspired Living

LIFE 088: Inspired Living

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Years ago, I went through two deep challenges. One involved the loss of my marriage and the other threatened my finances and the custody of my children. I was a wreck.

I knew that I needed to feel strong and positive so that I could bring the best of me to the trials I faced and sync up with the most positive outcomes possible. I was also plain tired of feeling insecure, worried, and afraid.

Over the course of a few years, I searched for tools to help me harness my power and bring good into my life. I read countless books, worked with numerous teachers and coaches, attended all sorts of seminars, and prayed with all faiths.

By the time the challenges were resolved (in perfect ways), I had a set of tried tools and strategies for rescuing me from pessimism and discouragement.

These tools have never failed me. They’ve become a part of me and I constantly rely on them to return me to centered, optimistic, and feel good states of being.

In this special podcast, I’m sharing my personal guide with you and walking you through it.

My mission is to equip you with fail-proof techniques and strategies to transform unproductive, success-blocking mindsets into powerfully inspired states that immediately improve your present experience while setting you firmly on the path to your greatest desires.

I wrote this book for you. Get your copy here.

This and more at my new time, Fridays at 12:00 pm PT. Listen live or on replay.

Time Markers

– Spiritual North Star for you (0:00)

– Getting to the Good Place (2:39)

– Structure and writing your great story (6:20)

– Inspired Living (11:41)

– Your thoughts are the catalyst (16:00)

– It’s okay to not be okay all the time (17:57)

– What you look for, you see (22:59)

– A look at the uninspired life (27:45)

– The essence of interruption (32:47)

– Changes (40:45)

– Where in time are you? (42:24)

– The only failure is quitting (47:47)

– Inspiring quotes for you (51:39)

LIFE 088: Inspired Living


Your thoughts are the catalyst of all that you do.

Life is a collection of connected moments. Master this one, then master the next one and you can have an amazing life. That is always within your power.

The one thing you can count on 100% of the time is change.

No matter how desperate a situation is, it will end.

There is no other time that you can truly experience. Get present.

Failure only becomes real when you quit.


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