LIFE 87: What Matters NowLIFE 087: What Matters Now?

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What’s keeping you up at night now?
Are your basic needs being met?
Get the answers to my “Life Since Covid-19 Survey”.
Learn what to do when you wake up at 3 am and start worrying.
Learn how to take authority over your mind and the meanings you’re giving the experiences of your life.

This and more at my new time, Fridays at 12:00 pm PT. Listen live or on replay

Time Markers

– How are we all doing through this? (2:29)

– Our answers through this experience (6:04)

– Reach out for the support you need (9:46)

– Are your needs met? (11:59)

– Asking for support is strength (18:23)

– Our self-worth is key (26:38)

– Stop the negative spiral (34:41)

– Let this be what it is (45:00)


When you do not feel worthy, you will not ask for what you need.

You are the leader of your mind.

When you are asking yourself questions that feed a negative spiral, change your questions.

Everything in life is neutral. Things and events are given positive or negative meaning by us.

How could you reframe the challenges that you are encountering to fit into a structure of what you can control and then releasing what you cannot control.


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LIFE 087: What Matters Now?


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